ABout the owners

(…look at these nerds)



ryan cassidy, founder

I have been a part of the printed apparel industry for over ten years, and I’ve loved every second of it.

How it all started…

For me, it started with large events and concerts mainly EDM (Electronic Dance Music) based. There was a constant need for merch and the current state of merch was a constant turnover of printer after printer, supplier after supplier for each event. I saw this as an opportunity to streamline the entire process and wanted to bring the entire process in-house so I could use my expertise to control quality and turnaround time every step of the way. That’s how Portland Prints was born.

We started out in a small dark basement with a very old press we picked up from a Portland skate shop. Fast forward ten years and we’re now doing full automatic printing on high volume with large color runs in extreme detail.

We’re now printing with cutting-edge digital equipment (DTG, Sublimation, Transfers, and more) and it’s been such a wild journey to get here.

when I’m not printing…

Some of my favorite things to do in my spare time is learning new machines/printing on different media…I know…even when I’m not printing I’m still thinking about printing…what a nerd.

I’m always thinking about how to provide more to my customers and that’s led to expanding our product line to include vinyl signage/stickers, full color stickers, buttons, embroidery, laser printing, and the list keeps growing as I keep learning.

It’s still surreal to think that I started from a teenager learning from YouTube videos through trial-and-error to now traveling the world training other screen printers.

My career highlights (so far)

  • helping coach on increasing production in other shops

  • traveling both domestic and internationally as part of my journey

  • building large size equipment

  • constantly growing new skills

  • going to the top industry trade shows

  • teaching classes to other professional printers

  • being able to apply all of this to give incredible service to our clients


daryll sapp, co-owner

I got into this business thanks to Ryan Cassidy. We worked together in the service industry and I was his trainer.

How it all started…

Ryan mentioned he screen printed and that sounded really fun, so I checked it out with him. The rest kinda speaks for itself. So really…it all started out with me just hanging out while Ryan printed shirts.

My unofficial-official job description was “Beer Cracker.” Didn’t do much in the beginning besides that. I wasn’t there to work, I was just there to hangout with my homey. Eventually I started helping out by heat pressing, sorting, and stacking shirts. Need less to say, I fell in love with everything he did.

That was roughly 3 years ago, now as co-owner of the business I’m apart of it all. Printing has now become my Zen. Nothing makes my day better than a day of printing.

From conceptual design to final process, I am a part of it all. I’m in love with the process and even when I’m out of work I’m always wanting to learn more and better myself. I love seeing the client light up when I can help them bring their concept all the from design to production, then finally seeing their reaction as the final product come to life.

I can’t get enough. I feel fortunate to have found my passion in life, and this is it for me.

when I’m not printing…

Outside of Portland prints, I’m an avid outdoorman, from hiking, camping, and the occasional road trip…I know…such a Portland thing to say.

I also enjoy creating with my hand in carpentry. It’s the idea to finished product that gets me going. Of course there there are shows. Everything from Theatre to Music Festivals.

Last but not least…my pig, she’s a sweetheart and a local Portland celebrity. If I’m not printing, creating art, or at a show, I’m taking care of her or managing her celebrity lifestyle.

My career highlights (so far)

Since the beginning, we’ve had the privilege of working with a multitude of companies across the country.

Companies like USC, Red Cube, Goldfinger, and Raised Fist Productions. This has been an absolute blessing, and I’ve cherished all of the clients I’ve met through Portland Prints. Nothing makes my day like a day of printing shirts. I absolutely love this industry and the opportunities it brings.

about our process



This is best and most cost effective for the one-off, detailed photos, or super high color artwork.

This process allows us to take any image whether it’s from your cell phone, a scanned photo of your grandmother, or a multi-technicolor art piece and transfer it beautifully to a print.


screen printing

Each color has to have its own screen - we start by taking your artwork and separating it into each color and printing them onto film. From there we expose each color onto a separate screen, which we then register on press and begin printing.

This is a highly detailed and involved setup process, but once we get it exactly where we want it to be the quantity doesn’t, it’s all go go go from there.

We are absolutely passionate about printing, and it shows in the work we do